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Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Far too many Amazon sellers look like they used Google translate, their little sister, or their own non-existent writing skills to cobble together a listing. Although this does make for some good laughs, you are literally leaving money on the table.

Grab your customers by the eyeballs!

Compelling copy that resonates with your customer combined with potent keywords will multiply your sales exponentially!

Here are Just 3 Things You Should Be Thinking About…

Rank Higher

The A9 Algorithm is an essential part of your marketing strategy. The trick is getting that balance between pleasing the Amazon keyword gods and giving your customers a listing, they can’t resist.


Behind every brand is a story. It’s the subconscious way customers find themselves drawn to your products. What’s your brand story and what change do you wish to make in the world…

Increase Conversions

  EBC and storefronts are the best places to showcase your brand and not just blah blah about boring product features. It’s time to make your brand unforgettable.


Your product ain’t gonna sell itself. Obviously, images are #1, but the TITLE is the second most important thing. Your title needs to be composed of eye-catching copy, highly relevant keywords, and delivered in a bite-sized structure – for easy reading!

Bullet Points

Clear and concise bullet points filled with all your critical keywords are essential for your success on Amazon. Your price and photos are great, but brilliantly crafted copy can tip the scale in your favor. Are you going to guess your way to success or use my proven techniques for increasing those sales?

Product Description

Don’t neglect this unassuming space. On mobile, the product description is the first thing shoppers will see. You need to provide all the info customers are looking for in a clear, yet captivating, way. Plus, why not add as many keywords as you can in this space. It may still get indexed even for those using EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)

Back End Search Terms

Even if your listing is fully optimized it can still use a boost with Back End Keywords aka Generic Search Terms. This small yet critical space of 250 characters should be used for any words or phrases that were not yet used in your listing. Unfortunately, many sellers get this wrong and put other company brand names, misspellings and random crap that can actually harm your listing.

EBC Enhanced Brand Content

This glorified extra content given to brand registered sellers is pretty awesome! When used correctly it can significantly increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness. The problem is many sellers are unaware of what message they are trying to get across and throw together a bunch of photos with blocks of text that do nothing to enhance the experience for the customer. Strategic photos combined with concise, yet compelling text will get your sales rolling in!


Once the keyword research is done and listings are optimized, my partners in crime can proceed with creating Amazon PPC advertising campaigns. We will create as many Amazon campaigns and ad groups as your seller listings require to sell at optimum rates with the lowest Acos possible. We support both Seller Central and Amazon Marketing Services. You will get a front row seat to all that is happening with your accounts through a private chatroom. In addition, you will receive a full sellers report at the end of each month.

 Here’s What  Amazon Sellers Say…

Sacha has since rewritten the copy of all my listings, including Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and written copy for all my new products. While it is not easy to quantify the direct sales benefit for every listing written/rewritten by Sacha – in at least one very clear case – that of our primary flagship product – the new copy (including EBC) resulted in immediate doubling (50% increase) of our conversion rates. Her work and work ethic are both exemplary.

Muky Naor – Red Allegory Ltd
, Owner and CEO

“Sacha wrote a great Amazon listing for me, she did the keyword research on her own and found more important words then I have used for my other product in the same brand. Great experience I definitely recommend her service!”

Shmuel Lipson – High Stream Gear

“I found Sacha after watching a webinar she gave, where she talked about in-depth keyword research. So I asked her to write two listings for me. I am extremely satisfied! Not only does she provide amazing customer service, but she also delivers listing quickly, and most importantly she also writes at a very high level, of course very persuasively! ( Her listings are already making me money) I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a truly high-level listing.”

Yossi Halperin – JoCHef, CEO

I have been selling on Amazon for 9 years and writing a good listing is such a critical element of a products success. However, it is also time consuming unless you are a specialist. Over the last few years I have tried many different options to find a good provider and Sacha is the first that I have found that understands the particularities of an Amazon Listing. Great work!

David Holding – Parsons, Co-Founder and Head of Outsourcing, Lack Sourcing Ltd.

Sacha’s copywriting skills brought emotion into my listings and that helped buyers connect with the product and it increased my conversion rate by 20%. Her explanations also made me dig deeper into the way we create all our listings to connect with buyers and their feelings. Thank you, Sacha!

Marc Roca, CEO, Alpha Rock Capital

Sacha is great and really helped us on our Amazon listings. Very professional and timely. Definitely saw a sales bump from her writing.

Daniel Bragg, CEO, Kidstatic

Sacha’s writing is excellent. She manages to create incredible content using just the basic details I provide. She does excellent research to come up with creative and detailed work. Her turnaround time is fantastic which is a huge plus. I was very impressed with the speed, quality of work, and most of all, the content.

J. Davis, CEO, NetFusion Marketing

Sacha provided an exceptional service from initial brief through to a complete Amazon listing that is of a very high quality. I am more than happy to recommend Sacha to anyone who requires an expert copywriter.

Andrew, FBA Seller

Sacha this is great! I love your writing style and sense of humor! Exactly what we needed. Great work on the keyword research as well.

Matt M, Director, Point Pet Amazon Store

– In at least one very clear case – that of our primary flagship product – the new copy (including EBC) resulted in immediate doubling (50% increase) of our conversion rates. Her work and work ethic are both exemplary. Thank you, Sacha.

Muky Naor, Owner and CEO, Red Allegory Ltd.

Sacha brings a fresh, accurate and concise writing style to Amazon listings. She manages to focus on customer benefits and reasons to purchase as opposed to technical descriptions and bland rhetoric. In doing her research, she even identified potential new and additional uses of some products thus widening the marketing appeal and potential reach and sales. Sacha stays updated with the constantly changing Amazon Terms of Service and Listing requirements.

Muky Naor, Owner and CEO, Red Allegory Ltd.

So how's your story going to end?

If you want fiercely effective sales copy for your listing, keywords that will blow the competition out of the water and just a teeny bit of humor to lighten things up, you know what to do.