Case Study #1 – Major Sales Increase

Project summary

Client A had been selling his “bluetooth headphones” for the last few years and was planning to discontinue the product. Once he ran out of stock, that would be the end. However, at the last minute he decided to revamp his photos, add EBC content and hire me to rewrite the listing and add EBC text. My first attempt did not result in the highest conversions. So, I took another look and revised the  bullets again. This resulted in a massive sales increase. Shown in the image above! 

The Strategy


  • Identifying top keywords 
  • Analyzing the target audience
  • Rewriting the copy to really connect with the customer.
  • Creating the perfect copy to match the EBC/ A+ images
  • Putting it all together to deliver results! 

Case Study #2 – EBC Split Test

EBC Split Test

Client B has been selling their “toolkit” for the last 6 months. Sales were good but they wanted to test if changing the EBC text could improve things even more. I changed up existing text on the EBC modules and left the client to test. Nothing else was changed, images stayed the same, PPC bids stayed the same, etc…After a few short weeks Version B ( my version) increased sales by $978 and had a 93% better performance rate overall! 


Better Performance Rate

Clients do not always provide data after optimization. However, I do keep an eye on the BSR and these are the results!

#1 – Immediate improvement in BSR following optimization.

#2 – Immediate improvement in BSR following listing optimization

#3 – Immediate improvment in BSR following listing optimization and adding EBC

Happy Clients …


….in at least one very clear case – that of our primary flagship product – the new copy (including EBC) resulted in immediate doubling (50% increase) of our conversion rates. Her work and work ethic are both exemplary. Thank you, Sacha.

Muky Naor

Muky Naor, Owner and CEO, , Red Allegory Ltd.


….Sacha’s copywriting skills brought emotion into my listings and that helped buyers connect with the product and it increased my conversion rate by 20%. Her explanations also made me dig deeper into the way we create all our listings to connect with buyers and their feelings. Thank you, Sacha!”

Marc Roca

CEO, Alpha Rock Capital

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