This is a major ranting post today, so prepare to feel my wrath. If you are going to be a grown-up independent person and write your own Amazon listings, that’s completely fine. Just don’t expect to get sales and reviews if you write a load of Bullsh&*t about your product.

Let me give you an example that I stumbled on today. Say you are selling a rope for rock climbing, and you write that’s its really thick, great for mountaineering, rock climbing and indoor climbing gyms.

You say to yourself- “hey that’s great, I wrote a nice sentence with some keywords”

I say: “You’re an idiot!  Let’s think about who is buying a rock-climbing rope and what they know about rock climbing….” (see my post on segments)

First, do some research before you write – read some rock-climbing blogs to get some real details about the features of a rock climbing rope that avid climbing enthusiasts will want to buy.

Is it dry treated, does it have a middles mark or an end mark, what safety standards does it have????

Get deep into the relevant details – don’t hype up irrelevant facts like “it’s extra thick and can hold your weight when mountaineering, caving or hiking.

The bottom line is people can see through your made-up crap that YOU think will help your product sell.

Another example in case you’re not into outdoorsy stuff. Let’s say you are selling some Shea butter for moisturizing. Don’t just say your butter is the best because it makes your wrinkles and stretch marks disappear.

Think about who is buying your bloody butter??

Read some blogs with relevant information on what kind of nutrients are found in Shea butter and benefits of African Shea Butter for your target audience.  If it’s a mom she’s going to be doing her own research on the best types of baby moisturizers or post-partum stretch mark removers and is going to know a lot of things about your product you may not even have thought of….

“Is it raw? Is it unbleached? Is it organic? What grade butter is it?

For the love of all that is sacred in copy-writing, please, I’m begging you research all the relevant facts and details before you write your listing!

I think you get the point – writing your listings is not only about looking up keywords It’s about finding words and information your audience uses and writing legit information about your product.


If you think this is beyond you – feel free to contact me to help you write some awesome listings. Where I will delve into how your product works, what unique features it has and why they matter to your audience.

Thanks for reading this entire rant, I feel much better now, Namaste!