My Story

Hi, I’m Sacha,

Amazon Listings Expert, and CEO of this place!

As an entrepreneur like you, I am always bubbling with ideas, and putting those ideas into action! This copywriting business accidentally started after I created my own affiliate store ( Back in 2014). During that time, I discovered my talent and passion for writing. Fast forward 5 years and I have written 542 product listings for Amazon sellers! (Ok, that number is not exact, but it’s close)

The most enjoyable part of my job is helping you create your brand story, weaving it into your listing and making it resonate with your audience.


A Day in the Life

When I’m not writing listings or EBC pages for Amazon sellers, I’m actually a pretty cool person. I live in Israel and I’m a mum (British Spelling) of 3 amazing, angelic and mischievous children.

I’m also a gymnast, a bookworm and a lover of the great outdoors. My husband knows I would rather go hiking than shopping any day!

Anyway, enough about me lets talk about you!

I’m On a Mission To…

Take the stress out of navigating another part of Amazon. As a seller, I’m sure you have enough on your plate, contacting manufacturers, freight forwarders, keeping track of PPC campaigns and keeping your customers happy…

Your listings are the 24/7 salesman of your business. If they don’t say the right things, your potential customer is not going to stay. They just might get distracted, eat some cookies, check their Facebook, or pick up a crying baby…

Leaving you crying at the empty shopping cart and missed opportunity….

So, are you going to continue stressing over writing your own listings or sit back and relax while I get that work done for you?

While you’re here, why not check out these testimonials:

I have been selling on Amazon for 9 years and writing a good listing is such a critical element of a products success. However, it is also time consuming unless you are a specialist. Over the last few years I have tried many different options to find a good provider and Sacha is the first that I have found that understands the particularities of an Amazon Listing. Great work!

David Holding – Parsons, Co-Founder and Head of Outsourcing, Lack Sourcing Ltd.

Sacha’s copywriting skills brought emotion into my listings and that helped buyers connect with the product and it increased my conversion rate by 20%. Her explanations also made me dig deeper into the way we create all our listings to connect with buyers and their feelings. Thank you, Sacha!

Marc Roca, CEO, Alpha Rock Capital

Sacha is great and really helped us on our Amazon listings. Very professional and timely. Definitely saw a sales bump from her writing.

Daniel Bragg, CEO, Kidstatic

Sacha’s writing is excellent. She manages to create incredible content using just the basic details I provide. She does excellent research to come up with creative and detailed work. Her turnaround time is fantastic which is a huge plus. I was very impressed with the speed, quality of work, and most of all, the content.

J. Davis, CEO, NetFusion Marketing

Sacha provided an exceptional service from initial brief through to a complete Amazon listing that is of a very high quality. I am more than happy to recommend Sacha to anyone who requires an expert copywriter.

Andrew, FBA Seller

Sacha this is great! I love your writing style and sense of humor! Exactly what we needed. Great work on the keyword research as well.

Matt M, Director, Point Pet Amazon Store

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