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Great work can only happen with great clients. I value the time and effort you spend on designing, manufacturing, tweaking, inspecting and shipping your products. I hope you value the time, skills and effort it takes to craft the perfect listing. Your product details will stay completely private (see policy) and will only be used to create best selling listings for you!

Delivery: 2-4 Weeks



This package is best for those new to Amazon, who have not had experience using Helium10 (or brand analytics)  to its fullest potential. The right mix of long tail, short tail, and LSI terms will give you a coveted advantage over your competition. With my expertise you’ll get that perfect balance between pleasing the Amazon keyword gods and giving your customers a listing, they can’t resist. 

Includes: Fully optimized title, bullet points, product description, and back end keywords. Organic keyword spreadsheet is also included.



*Final price will be given depending on the complexity of your product. 


The extra space for media-rich content given to brand registered sellers is pretty awesome! When used correctly, it can significantly increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness. The problem is many sellers are unaware of what message they are trying to get across and throw together a bunch of photos with blocks of text that do nothing to enhance the experience for the customer. Strategic images combined with concise yet compelling copy – will get your sales rolling in!

What’s Included:

1) Wireframing with a total of 5 modules.

2) Bold headlines and text to go on images.

3) Text to go beneath each module.

4) Pixel size info on each module for your graphic designer.



The Deluxe listing is also known as the Whole Enchilada. It includes our expert keyword research, which is then artfully integrated into the bullet points, title, back end, etc. You also get the A+/ EBC copy and layout, which may increase sales by at least 10% or more. I believe that strategic brand messaging woven through your bullet points/listing photos/ and A+ copy is the key to winning the hearts and money of your customers.

Includes: Fully optimized title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords and organic keyword spreadsheet, EBC Text Content, EBC Layout/Wireframe plan is also included.

The Ultimate Amazon Package

$1875 – $2750

This package is ideal for the Amazon seller launching a new brand or line of products. Instead of hiring me to only write your Amazon listings – I’ll be going the whole nine yards! From crafting a mic-drop-worthy slogan, a spellbinding brand story, highly effective email copy, you get the works and more! Create a consistent message across all touch points; including, your website, storefront, social media, packaging, and other communications with your customers. 

May include the following: Brand Slogan/ Tagline, Brand Voice / Personality, Brand Story, Customer Persona, Message Inserts x 2, Text for your Storefront, Packaging text – Including Microcopy for inside and outside, 3 Email Templates, 1 Fully Optimized Amazon Listing, Manychat Sequence

Looking for a custom package tailored to your needs and budget? 

*** Please ensure to contact me one month prior to when you need all the brand copy finalized. 

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*Due to the high volume of orders, we are now requiring clients to book their projects 3 weeks in advance. 

For projects needing immediate turn-around, a rush fee will be applied accordingly.