Amazon Listings

Great work can only happen with great clients. I value the time and effort you spend on designing, manufacturing, tweaking, inspecting and shipping your products. I hope you value the time, skills and effort it takes to craft the perfect listing. Your product details will stay completely private (see policy) and will only be used to create best selling listings for you!

Delivery: 7-14 Days

My Process


I spend a significant amount of time understanding your product, how it works, who your competition is and what makes you better! (Even if that means I need to read the manual for a complex tech product I will!)

Target Market Research

The next step is to dive deep into your target market/ ideal customer. Why are they buying your product, what problem does it solve or how does it enrich their life?

Keyword Research

Without keywords even the most kick- ass copy is useless on Amazon. Keywords are king. The right mix of long tail, short tail and LSI terms will give you a coveted advantage over your competition.

Putting it all together

It’s like a puzzle where everything finally falls into place. The potent combination of keywords with persuasive copy is going to get those conversion rolling in and the customers whipping out their credit cards with NO hesitation.

You are ready to roll!

Get your listing up on Amazon and you will hit the ground running with a fully optimized listing.

Here’s what  happy clients say…

I have been selling on Amazon for 9 years and writing a good listing is such a critical element of a products success. However, it is also time consuming unless you are a specialist. Over the last few years I have tried many different options to find a good provider and Sacha is the first that I have found that understands the particularities of an Amazon Listing. Great work!

David Holding – Parsons, Co-Founder and Head of Outsourcing, Lack Sourcing Ltd.

Sacha’s copywriting skills brought emotion into my listings and that helped buyers connect with the product and it increased my conversion rate by 20%. Her explanations also made me dig deeper into the way we create all our listings to connect with buyers and their feelings. Thank you, Sacha!

Marc Roca, CEO, Alpha Rock Capital

Sacha is great and really helped us on our Amazon listings. Very professional and timely. Definitely saw a sales bump from her writing.

Daniel Bragg, CEO, Kidstatic

Sacha’s writing is excellent. She manages to create incredible content using just the basic details I provide. She does excellent research to come up with creative and detailed work. Her turnaround time is fantastic which is a huge plus. I was very impressed with the speed, quality of work, and most of all, the content.

J. Davis, CEO, NetFusion Marketing

Sacha provided an exceptional service from initial brief through to a complete Amazon listing that is of a very high quality. I am more than happy to recommend Sacha to anyone who requires an expert copywriter.

Andrew, FBA Seller

Sacha this is great! I love your writing style and sense of humor! Exactly what we needed. Great work on the keyword research as well.

Matt M, Director, Point Pet Amazon Store

Got a Question? I Got Answers, Read Below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to complete a listing?

Between 5-7 days. Rush jobs are available upon request.

Are variations included in the price?

This depends on the variations. I will give a quote on a case by case basis.

Do you offer other copywriting services?

Yes. I am open to helping you with website copy, instruction booklets, inserts for reaching customers, and even creating taglines for your company.

Do I need to send you my product?

I do not need to receive a physical manifestation of your product, but I do need details! The more details, photos, and info you provide the better your listing will be.

When will I see my keywords indexed after implementation?

A Keyword indexing can take as little as a few minutes to as long as a few days. I have literally seen BSR rankings improve a ton within hours of updating the listing. Generally, I see complete indexation with a few hours of adding the new optimized copy. Once your keywords are indexed, you may find your product ranking well for long-tail low competition keywords. For more competitive keywords, you may have to crank up the PPC to prove your relevance for those keywords.

Do you offer training programs?

I am open to 1:1 training, but I do not offer any courses as of yet on how to optimize listings. Please feel free contact me if you want a 1:1 Amazon listing training!

Contact Me

Contact me, don’t be shy!

*Due to the high volume of orders, we are now requiring clients to book their projects 3 weeks in advance. 

For projects needing immediate turn-around, a rush fee will be applied accordingly.