Step 1: Get your inventory into Amazon on time.

In time for the holiday season, new sellers need to get inventory into Amazon by mid-October. Last year the cutoff for Black Friday/Cyber Monday was November 7th. December 1st was the last day to get stuff in before Christmas.

It’s time to capitalize on the awesome sales potential!

Let’s dive in:


Before the holiday season comes around you may want to change 1-2 photos in your listing to something with a holiday theme. You can even add a caption like “Perfect Christmas Present for Granny!”

Here are a few ideas:

1)    Add a lovely Christmas tree or Hanukkah themed decoration in the background of a lifestyle picture.

2)    Try adding a caption or message onto a photo. Let’s say you are selling a beach bag. Sales may be down in November/ December, but you can always add a caption like “Escape the cold and go somewhere HOT for the holidays!

3)    You can add a photo of someone opening a present and guess what’s inside?? Your product of course.

4)    Use Christmas/ Thanksgiving/Hanukah themed photos in your EBC content.


Your actual copy in your bullet points or product description can be updated to match the season. Don’t change too much as that may affect your ranking. Just add a sentence like: Your grandkids are going to love this “Laser tag gun” for Christmas/Hanukah. Or Your girlfriend will love you forever when you buy her this “yoga set” for the holidays. Etc.

Please for the LOVE of shopping make sure you have your product description. It needs to tell a story and give information. The product description is the first thing people will see when shopping on mobile.

Every year sales are increasing from Mobile shoppers. This year 2018 close to 80% of Q4 sales will happen on mobile. Make sure to check your listings from a mobile browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc) as well as from the Amazon app. Results are different.

Back End Search Terms:

 You can add words like mother, sister, daughter, Christmas new year’s etc. If you already have these words in your listing, then there is no need to add them in the back end. However, in all honesty, I don’t think the back end keywords are going to make or break your Q4 optimization strategy.

 In order of importance here is how you should place your keywords: Title> Bullet Points > Product Description > Back End Keywords

PPC Tips for Q4

As stated in the title we are getting into the shopping frenzy season of the year. It’s pretty insane how much money people are willing to spend. Which means your products need to stand out among the millions of other options.

Here are just 3 tips that can help:

1) Optimize your Keyword Bids

Amazon lets you decide the maximum amount you’re want to spend on a specific keyword when your ad is clicked on. If you see that you’re not getting many impressions on your keyword, there’s a good chance you’re underbidding. If you have a large number of impressions but very few clicks, chances are your keywords—or your product itself—are not relevant to the customer’s search. Refine your bidding to ensure you are getting the most out of the good keywords and get rid of the bad ones. Read on…

 2) Get Rid of Poor-Performing Keywords

People new to Amazon PPC campaigns will often cast too wide of a net, hoping for quick results, and advertise for keywords that aren’t relevant to their product. For example, targeting “black Friday” or “Christmas Gift” is a big mistake, because customers are not usually searching for those term. Let suppose they do search for that phrase the likelihood they’re searching for your product category is next to none. Have no mercy, FIRE, CUT, TRASH, DELETE those irrelevant keywords and your money will be spent much more wisely.  Additionally, take advantage of the Search Term Report from Amazon to dig into the objective data.

3) Be Prepared to Spend More

Imagine a tidal wave, or a tsunami or a stampede of buffalo – you get the picture. Shoppers are flocking to Amazon like crazy during the “Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ Christmas Season. What this means is that the average CPC is going to be way more expensive than the rest of the year. Be prepared for increasing your daily budgets, high costs per click and ad spend. Set yourself a realistic budget so you’re prepared for the influx of traffic and competing products.


Contact me (Sacha and her team of elves) if you want to create some holiday-themed photos, need help tweaking your listing or want to further optimize your PPC campaigns. Happy Selling!