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The Professional team at Sellers Alley is highly committed to providing Amazon PPC services and exclusively tailored advertising campaigns. Not only that, you are basically getting a dedicated PPC expert to be a part of your team. They always keep you in the loop and even provide a free audit to find low hanging fruit that you can use to generate more sales.

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NEW! Building your storefront is an amazing chance to really showcase your brand, build trust with customers and increase brand awareness. Not only that, Amazon has a section called Amazon storefronts where they showcase Curated Collections, Storefront of the Week and Meet the Business Owner!  If your storefront is chosen to be featured by Amazon your sales could double or even triple with the exposure.

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Whether you sell on Amazon Japan, Germany, Spain or Italy you need to make sure your listing really speaks to the people of that country. Without good sales copy in the target language and the right keywords, even the best translation is useless and will cause you to lose money. My friends at YLT translation specialize in translations for Amazon listings. Their entire team from translators to editors are trained in the art of Amazon optimization.

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NEW! We are now offering graphic design services for EBC pages as well as text content. Choose between the Amazon templates or we can create a custom layout. Every area of your brand the customer encounters has the chance to make an impression and elevate your company. If your EBC pages look cheap and unprofessional your customers will not take you seriously. We will work with you to understand your brand style, voice and highlight the USP of your products!

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Contact me, don’t be shy! I am always happy to give advice, answer your questions and create some awesome listings!

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